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Monday, September 28, 2020

The New York Times says it's obtained about two decades worth of President Trump's financial records, showing he avoided paying taxes for years. Also, GOP leadership have been heavily promoting the president's pick to the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. They're rushing to fill the vacancy left by Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death before the election. And, a federal judge in Washington blocked President Trump's order banning new downloads of the popular video-sharing app Tik Tok, but the company's legal battles are far from over.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

In this bonus episode of Code Switch, NPR's podcast about race and identity, hosts Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby find out how a police killing in Minneapolis in May lead people thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to pull down the statue of a slave trader who's been dead for nearly three centuries.


Saturday, Septermber 26, 2020

A conservative judge is tipped to be the nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. We look at the latest on COVID-19 vaccine trials. And the grand jury decision in killing of Breonna Taylor has lead to more protests and no closure for her family and community.

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